Output aggregation

As shown in the picture, I get the User List from the Google document (NO:81).I get the User Id’s from that list(55).I pull the tweets from those id’s with ‘List User Tweets’(34).I want to see the details of the tweets retweeted by the profiles in this list, but those details are not written.For this, I want to use the ‘Get a Tweet’ method to get those details. I separate the retweetId and TweetId’s with ‘Set multiple variables’ and send them into the ‘Get a Tweet’ Method.1 There has to be a tweetid in a tweet, but the retweet id doesn’t always have to be there. If there are retweet ids, I send them to another ‘Get a User’ function. How can I combine the results from these? I want to get the result from these 2 ‘get a tweet’ methods in a single json. How can I combine these two? Or can I say to a single ‘get a user’ method, if there is a retweet id, check both or only check tweetId?

Hi @Talha_Yazgan,

What you want to do is, Use Set a Variable module in both of the route, It can be same variable name or it can be different, after which before the Webhook Response Module, you can then use Get Multiple Variable Module and then basically combine them in the response module.

Let me know if you need a brief setup on how it should look like.