Merge output into one http request / hook


whats the best practise to merge alle the outputs from two/multiple in to a hook?

I guess some JSON stuff?
Here are for example the two outputs:

        "from": {
            "id": "7164476546xxxx",
            "username": "tylxxxxx"
        "media": {
            "id": "18017491xxxxxx",
            "media_product_type": "REELS"
        "id": "1786341xxxxx",
        "text": "Cool gemacht",
        "field": "comments"
        "caption": "🤳🚁 Hey Leute, xxxxxxt",
        "comments_count": 1,
        "id": "18017491xxxxx",
        "ig_id": "3136488848xxxxxx",
        "is_comment_enabled": true,
        "like_count": 8,
        "media_type": "VIDEO",
        "media_product_type": "REELS",
        "media_url": "",
        "owner": {
            "id": "17841459xxxxxx"
        "permalink": "",
        "shortcode": "CuHC_1aLp6c",
        "thumbnail_url": "",
        "timestamp": "2023-06-30T09:50:00.000Z",
        "username": "warsxxxx"

How do you want to merge them? Could you provide an example of the desired output?


I wanna post the merge to an web hook.
Then I wanna use this Hook in a other scenario where I need all the information.

So I don’t really know how it should look like.

Then just use an Array Aggregator and select the first module and “Select All” fields


But I need booth sources, and I guess the content is not everytime the same.

If its always an array you get, you can use the merge() function