Merge outputs from array aggregator into 1 array

Hi everyone,

Does someone know how to merge/combine outputs from 2 array aggregators into 1? I need all line items in one array to create an invoice in QBO. I’ve tried to use a third aggregator or the “add” function but it doesn’t seem to work.


Are you trying to create one invoice with 2 lines as opposed to 2 invoices with 1 line each?

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Yes, 1 invoice with multiple lines. The data comes from 2 different sources, that’s why I end up with 2 array aggregators that I need to merge.

Let me know if this helps.
Target Structure Type in Array aggregator is Create Invoices - Lines
Which Outputs an array
That array is consumed Lines in the Create Invoice Module

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You can use merge() function if both the arrays have the same structure.


Thanks a lot for your help, I was able to do it with merge function since my structure is the same.

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Hi @Phil_B
I am glad to hear that it helped you.

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