Method not allowed Creating an OAUTH2 connection

Hi Community!

I attempting to use the “My HTTP OAuth 2.0 connection”. I am inputting the credentials I have but when it try’s to connect, the popup window to authorize connection returns "Method not allowed. Must be one of POST.

I have tried using both “Flow Types”… tbh I’m not sure which to use.

I have the following
Client id
Client secret

The above settings do not work.

I also have a username and password
I’ve not added a “Scope”
I’ve selected Advanced Settings and input the username and password as “Authorize Parameters”
This also does not work

Token place is set to “Header”
Header token name contains “Bearer” (not sure what this is)

Im not sure why the method returned is not allowed. There doesnt appear to be anywhere to set the method.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!