Microsoft 365 Account doesn't work with Mail Module

Hey community,

We succesfully connected a Microsoft 365 account with the Mail module but when it comes to loading the folders and making the mail module work. It is just doesn’t work:

What might be the problem in here? Why a Microsoft 365 account doesn’t work with mail module or how to make it work?

Thank you!

Use the Microsoft 365 Email module… this should work fine.

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@Matthew_Haigh you are right about that but it doesn’t return the mails as plain text, only with html

I’m seeing the same as well. I thought it was only me.

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If I understand right, you want to send email as plain text … there is option above the body section for “body content” and you can set to Text … havent tried, but this not do what you want? I might have a play around tomorrow with the standard mail option.

If you are trying to receive email and decode it, then you can use the striphtml() fuction, or I use the mailhook to receive incoming emails and then parse the subject&body to get certain variables out that I process. This might help.


@Matthew_Haigh , It doesn’t give me a structural mail even if I do it with striphtml(), it destroys the text structure.

A core module doesn’t work properly, blocked my way, I wouldn’t expect this from , they are quited about this as well! @Michaela , how to proceed with this information?

Hi @onurbolaca

Generally speaking, we recommend connecting your MS email account through our dedicated MS 365 email module. If you prefer working with plain text instead of HTML, you can use our text parser module → html to text.

If you wish to use the generic email module, you’ll need to create a connection with Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth

There are currently no reported issues with this type of connection. If you continue to experience difficulties after trying the suggestions above, it may indicate an issue specific to your MS account or MS workspace.

In that case, please open a ticket with our support team for further investigation or reach out to MS support.