Microsoft 365 Excel - How to map dynamically to a Workbook


I want to open each Excel file within a folder in order to update a specific table for this file. But it seems I am not able to mapping the workbooks. Any work around to achieve this?

Are you using excel 365? Make doesn’t work with files sitting on your computer. But if it is on onedrive it could access the file via onedrive app.

Yes I am using Excel 365 and my files are already stored at OneDrive. My problem is to select the dynamic workbook at the “Add a Worksheet Row” Action.

Can you take a screen shot of what you’re seeing with a little note to explain the error?

I didn’t receive any error but I have just the opportunity to choose a File. I want so set this property/path dynamically.

If there is no map toggle to allow you to set the path dynamically you’ll need to do this with the make api call module. Not sure if there is one for excel 365.