Missing value of required parameter Blog Posto With Wordpress


now i sacssfully create a scenario with ai to genrate content for my blog
but i cant post it using wordpress
i try to submite the content with HTML and with Text and i recived the same issue
wordpress cant find the valu in my airtable

any help here please

Blog Content

AI Scenario

Thank you

check the configuration of Airtable “Search Records” module It should be set up to search for records that contain the content you’re looking to post, including the title and the body content.

WordPress “Create a Post” module, you need to ensure that the fields for ‘title’ and ‘content’ are correctly mapped to the fields from the Airtable module. You should have a mapping from the Airtable field containing the post title to the WordPress ‘title’ field and from the Airtable field containing the post body/content to the WordPress ‘content’ field.

check the format of the data coming from Airtable,sometimes rich text fields or HTML content can cause issues if not formatted correctly for WordPress

Make sure that your WordPress connection is acquired and active with the necessary permissions to create posts.


Thanks you so much it works now , and correct i have to select the fields in the airtable module , but now am facing a problem with the images parameters
i dont know why its not reading the id


do you how can i solve this please , this images created by AI Chatgpt module Dall-3

Hey @Yusuf_Fawzi

First, fill in all the required fields in the WordPress ‘Create a Post’ module.

If you want to create a post with featured media, you have to create a media item from the ‘Create a Media’ module. Then, you can map the featured image in WordPress
Screenshot 2024-01-24 214410

Screenshot 2024-01-24 214434


Hello , Abhishek

i already did this before and still the wordpress module need image id as number

i will check the create media module

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Done Thank You Sooo Muuch



I’m glad your issue has been resolved. Could you please mark this as solved? It would be helpful for others.


Sure , Thank you really for helping me


How Can i marked it as a solved

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Awesome that you figured it all out :slight_smile: