Missing value of required parameter 'file'. from an integration between Airtable and Cloudinary


First time with Make and on the forum too!

I’m trying to upload attachments (images) from Airtable to Cloudinary and get back the URL from Cloudinary to update the record with this info.

The scenario is working but there are 2 bugs which I think are important:

  1. I get "make “Missing value of required parameter ‘file’.” error message from Cloudinary module.
  2. Images are created each time. After 5 tests, I got 5 images on Cloudinary.

Here’s what I get from step 1 (watching for changes in AT) and step 2 (uploading to Cloudinary)

Any help would be SO appreciated.

Airtable cannot be used to host images for external purposes, because attachment URLs expire after 2 hours. Because of this I wouldn’t use the airtable image url to upload.

So to upload the image to cloudinary you need to use a get a file http call with the airtable file url in the module.

Then you can map this to the cloudinary upload a resource.

  1. Get the record
  2. Get the file with the url of the image
  3. Upload the image.


Thanks a lot @Mr.Make !

Didn’t knew this. Will give it a try.

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