Module not working anymore when updating Stripe to latest version


2 days ago, I went digging the Stripe API settings, from the Stripe platform.
I noticed that the API I used wasn’t up-to-date, so updated it, to the latest one.

The day after, my Stripe scenario failed: “missing value of required parameter ‘id’”.

And indeed, checking the logs, the Charges section was missing from the Retrieve a Payment Intent module, compared to what outputs on previous successful runs. This data is required to serve the following Retrieve a Balance Transaction module.

I tried to rerun the process, search for another equivalent entry for that data… Nothing.
Finally, I switched the API version back to what it was the day before (still from the Stripe platform settings), reran the scenario… and everything went fine.

Now I’m puzzled. There’s no Stripe module update available in Make for this specific task.

I can live with keeping this old version of the API as long as it works but, tell me if I’m wrong, this can mean two things:

  • Stripe removed, or moved some data in the latest API versions
  • or Make is not up to date with these new version?

There are 3 version of the API. The latest being very new:

2017 works, 2023 doesn’t. I didn’t try the 2019.


It is most likely that the Stripe app in Make is not up to date with the latest Stripe API version. Rememeber you can always use the Make API call in Stripe if you want to use the latest API but not use the built in modules which most likely were developed against a specific API. Most of the APIs are backward compatible but you may find differences like this in the newest API.


OK thanks for clarifying.
Indeed, I can also build API calls, but that’s a headache for me, and I suppose for most non very tech-savvy users. So I’ll stick with the API version that works for now, and I suppose Make will, at some point, update this module along this new API version specificities?

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Let us pray they do.

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