create a subitem under item that is dependent upon item

We are trying to create a board on where items submitted from a form are created as subitems.

The user submits a form and selects the location they are travelling to i.e. Barcelona. We want this persons form information to then be created as a subitem in the item titled “Barcelona”.

So far we have created a make scenario that goes:

watch group’s items → create a subitem which works, however, is there a way to make sure the subitem is created under the correct item.

So if the user selects the status Barcelona, their information is under Barcelona. There are 60 locations to choose from so creating individual filters will be too time consuming as this changes each year too.

Is there a way to create a scenario where it watches the updates of the new forms, seees the status (country selectes), matches this with the item name (the country) and then creates the subitem under that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi there.

If I understand correctly, I would use Monday’s “Search Items in the Board by Column Values” module to search for the correct Item by the Item’s name for example. Then, use the “Create a Subitem” module to create a subitem under the desired Item by mapping its ID.

Hope this helps to set you on the right track.