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What’s the best and fastest way to get the subitems of an item in I’m looping through each item in my board, and for each one I need the subitems.

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Could you please provide a screenshot of the fields in your modules please, and/or provide the output of the module by clicking here and copying the text:


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You can use the get item module, make sure you have selected “yes” on show subitems (see screenshot) this will give you an array with all your subitems for each parent item.

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I’ve attached the blueprint in json format. Additionally, I’ve attached a sample screenshot of subitems for one item.
I want the second to last router - that differentiates if it’s a program affiliation or not, to run only if that item has current dates for 3 specific subitems (core service #1, core service #2, and BSQ).
My Monday board is set up that each child is an item, and requirements/documents that need to be done are the subitems (automatically generated).

Please let me know if there is anything else that you need.

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blueprint.json (243.5 KB)


I may be asking a silly question but what’s the next step? I want to check for all subitems under the item with a specific column value. How do I do this?


Add a filter that checks if the column you want has the value you are looking for.

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What would the filter look like? I want to check if any of the subitems have a specific status.

Hi @Sdonn

To solve your issue, please follow the below steps.

  1. Use iterator to iterate the all subitems.

2.Use the required filter

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