Getting subitems from Monday into Make

Hello people,

Can someone please explain to me how to get multiple sub items from into Make?
If i have four subitems it only shows me the last one and not all four…

Here it shows all 4 subitems ( get an item → get pulse id )

But here it only shows the last subitem in that list while i need all 4 sub items individually.
I only need the names of the sub items, which it gives me but only from the last subitem…

Hope you guys can give me some guidance…

Hi , you can use Iterator and then go through all the subitems 1 by one it will loop through all of your subitems and you will have the access to the name and values too , like this

if you need only the name , and it will always be 4 you can use this way by direclty passing the which location name you need ,

and you can get it by get function as well

thank you


Thank you so much @CodexSolutions !!
I’ve used the Tools set variable option, works perfect!