Create subitem on Monday

Hi All

I have an issue with the Create Subitem on Monday module.


Validation to pass and create subitem looks ok, but for some reason, I’m not able to get the proper columns ID.

Any Idea what is wrong?

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It appears that your group’s subitem does not have any columns.

You can created a filter before this module to ensure/validate that the variable has a value.

If you think this is an error,

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Hi @Rob_GC
In the column id field you have to put the id of the subitem column that you want add.Then specify the column type and add the value.

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Unfortunately, I do not see this option.

Any Idea how I can get the columns ID’s ?

Hi @Rob_GC
Go to monday labs and then activate developer mode.
Now you be able to see the ID

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Hi ,


Is there any other way how to get Columns ids from Monday?

Hi @Rob_GC ,

We have another way of using the Monday module. Please check the below images and loom.

Loom :

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