Creating subitems on from a jotform submission

I have a jotform set up to collect project submissions for design work.

I want individual subitems to be created when the user selects what they type of work they want on the jotform. There are 3 categories and all or none may be selected at one time.

I have tried to set this up in but I don’t know how to seperate out all the subitems so that they all are added indiviually to the subitem list for that project. They are currently grouping together, please see screenshot.

And also if no selections are made I get an error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome to the Make community!

Can you please take a screenshot of the log in the Jotform module, as well as:

  • the configuration of your Iterator
  • the logs of the iterator
  • the configuration of the Monday/Create a subitem module?



Hi Benjamin,

Please see screenshots below.


Since you have 3 arrays, you need to use 3 Iterators, 1 for each Array.
So you need a router, and you need to add one iterator and one Monday/Add a subitem in each route.

Here is a little video to explain the whole process (I did a jotform with 2 multi-select, which generates 2 arrays)




Thank you for your help, this worked great.