Help with an aggregator

Hi all. I have the attached scenario that gathers required personnel then creates an item for each job required for the number of days from the project timeline. I am wanting to set columns on a table with a status of “Done” and the timestamp at which that happens. My struggle is I can’t manage to get the aggregator to only allow the last step to run once the repeater is complete. I feel like I’m missing something dumb and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve also included a snapshot of the aggregator setup, which I have also tried to use the repeater as the aggregated field with the same result. As you can see, it’s calling it complete 10 times instead of 1. Help please!

ETA here is the blueprint, if that helps.
blueprint.json (70.4 KB)

I found this, but I still don’t understand why the same concept isn’t working for me.

Figured it out. Ran my Aggregator back a couple of spots and it works as I’d like.