subitems as line items in Xero invoices

I’m trying to create a scenario where I can take sub-items from and have them appear as line items within a sales invoice in Xero. So far, I haven’t had too many issues accomplishing this. However, the number of line items/sales invoice is not constant. Some may only have one, where others may have 5.

Is there way to account for the variation in sub-items/line items?

Found a solution to this using iterator and aggregating to JSON


Hello there @Andrew_Mak :wave:

Great to hear you are not experiencing the mentioned troubles any more!

Would you mind shortly briefing us on your solution? It’d be great if you shared some screenshots with us as well.

Thanks in advance :pray:

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Hey! You said that you found a solution. Could you please share it with the rest of the world? I kinda have a similar issue. I’d like to see your solution. Perhaps I can find an answer to my question too.


I actually found a Youtube that explained how they did it from Google Sheets to Xero. It’s not exactly the same but it works.

Here’s the link:

Some things to note for Monday->Xero:

  • JSON does not pick up values from formula columns (EG - if Quantity=5 and Unit Price=$10 and there’s a formula to calculate Line Amount of $50, it will not reflect - you’ll have to manually input the subtotal of that line item)
  • Account Codes should only be numbers (no words involved like you see on Xero - EG. 7050 - Telephone)
  • I can’t automate the tracking category data from Monday into Xero (haven’t figure out why)