- Why can't multiple tools be connected to the same router?

In the attached scenario image, or in general, why can’t I connect two tools to the same router to retrieve and manipulate or evaluate data from earlier in the scenario?

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Hello @GuybrushThreepwood :wave:

Thanks for stepping into the community and bringing up your question.

To answer your question: You can use the router to send your data into as many routes as you need. It does not really matter whether the modules you’re connecting after the router are apps or tools.

Could you maybe share a bit more context so that we understand the desired behavior vs the behavior you’re getting?

Just FYI: Bjorn created a great guide on filters and routes in Make. Maybe it could help clarify some things

I think @GuybrushThreepwood is referring to something like this

two apps before the router. that is, the data that enters the router can come from two sources.
This is modified image. Currently I also want to know why routers can’t do that

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Hello @Soxial_Leads welcome to the community :wave:

I see! If that’s the case, there is an article in the Make Help Center that presents workarounds for this specific functionality.

:arrow_right: Converger Workarounds in Help Center

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