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I am having trouble figuring out how to fix this error message attached to this post.


Function ‘parseDatesFromISOFormat’ finished with error! Cannot convert undefined or null to object.

Our company uses and we have create job numbers based on the project manager selected in Monday. For example, if the project manager is Allyssa Corson, the job number would auto-create as “A100”, and if I create another job for Mark Philpott, it would create “M100”, and so on.

Could someone explain how to fix this? Should I select one of the options is offering as a solution?

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Hi @Allyssa_Corson,

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This is a weird error for a module that only takes in a User ID as argument. Can you share the input module with us?

I advice you to create a ticket for this technical issue either way, because I think this is an issue with an internal IML function of the app. You can create a ticket here:


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Hi @Henk-Operative ,

Please forgive me as I am not knowledgeable with We used a designer on Fiverr that has been unresponsive since the project ended.

How can I share the input module? I have created a ticket. Thank you!


No worries! Allow me to help you. I have been on both ends of Fiverr (and Upwork) contracts and to be honest with you… It sucked every time.

IMLerror refers to an internal in error in the module, something you shouldn’t see (and you should not have to learn). IML is a language by Make, the function that produces the error seems to expect a date.

After a scenario run, you can find the input and output bundles of a module by clicking on this icon and copying the input and output:
Schermopname 2024-06-05 om 17.27.44

Do you have an example User ID on hand? Can you try to right-click the module and ‘Run this Module Only’ with the User ID? (f.e. 60482257)

Schermopname 2024-06-05 om 17.32.43

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Welcome to the Make community!

For bugs like this, directly contacting support can often lead to a faster resolution. They have access to your specific account details, scenario and scenario logs, server-side logs, and internal tools and resources, which allows them to investigate more thoroughly than what you have access to. Additionally, sharing sensitive information about your situation might not be suitable for an open forum discussion.

You can open a new ticket, or if you are unable to login for some reason, you also can reach support using the contact form on the website.

If you manage to get your issue resolved with support, we’d still love to hear about it! Sharing your solution on the forum can help others facing similar problems.

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Hello @Allyssa_Corson , welcome to the Make Community and thank you very much for raising this here.

I just wanted to let you know that we have reported this issue to our developers and that they will look into it as soon as possible.

As a temporary workaround, you can use the “Execute a GrapQL Query” module with the below query. Please note it is needed to replace “USER ID” with the actual user ID.

query: {users (ids: USER ID ) { id email name title url mobile_phone country_code created_at join_date enabled is_guest is_admin is_verified is_view_only current_language out_of_office { type active end_date start_date disable_notifications } last_activity } }

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding :pray: