Move New Folders, with subfolders and files, from Dropbox to Google Drive

I have an Animation Studio that sends us dailies through their Dropbox. We use Google Shared Drives internally. At the moment, someone is manually downloading their files and uploading them to our cloud. Homey don’t play that.

On Dropbox, they add a new folder with the date. In it, there are subfolders for each asset, with files and subfolders.

On Google Drive, we have a general folder to dump these into.

We need to move all folders and files from Dropbox to Drive with their structure intact as they get uploaded to Dropbox by Dated Folder.

Have you tried watching the root folder in Dropbox where they add their new folders and then use the download module in Dropbox and upload module in Google Drive? Having dealt with a very similar situation myself, I speak from personal experience that it’s all mappable dynamically.

@Marcel1 thanks for hopping in!

If I understand the modules right, that wouldn’t retain the folder structure from Dropbox to Drive. I need to mirror them entirely.

For clarification:

On Dropbox the files and folders are laid out like this:

When using the template (dropbox watch files, dropbox download, drive upload a file) the folders are stripped away and the files are dumped into one large folder:

I need the folder structure from Dropbox to stay intact on the Drive side. From what I can see, I can’t find a way to do this. My main watched folder in Dropbox gets new folders created with a name of the upload date. Inside could be any asset folder name, inside that could be several folders. All the files have linked assets so the folder structure is a requirement for this to work.

Hope that helps make this make more sense to someone else.

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Would you like us to cover this at our next TechTalk? You can join!


@alex.newpath I mean, yes that would be awesome! I’m definitely interested in joining in too.

Of course. We will have lots of questions and suggestions and hopefully figure out a solution for you jointly. Can you direct message me your details and I’ll send you the formal invite to sign up.

Feel free to register here if you want to see us help Kevin solve this problem.

So so much looking forward to watching, Alex! :blush:

I’m registering to follow along. My issue may be solved with Michaela’s solution. I want to have an email sent anytime a new file is uploaded to any subfolder of a specified Google Drive Folder.


Thanks @StarForest_Kevin for meeting during TechTalk #23. It was an enlightening exercise no doubt to see if Make could handle the Dropbox → Google Drive sync.

A few things came to light during our conversation:

The best approach in the end would not be to use Make for this data/file sync. The main reason for this is that Make will time out on any large files due to the 40s max execution limit per module. Having Make download a large file into Make only to upload it back to Google Drive will be error prone, to say the least and be an exercise in frustration.

Furthermore Google Drive does not have a way to “ingest” files directly from a Dropbox URL. Google Drive file creation must be done wholly in Make with the payload being provided by Make. It is possible that the Google Drive upload as a result will fail as well when files are too large to be processed in Make.

But there is a possible “cheap and cheerful solution” - use Google Drive’s built in file sync capability on computer! Simply select the root folder on the Dropbox to sync into Google Drive. In effect, the native Dropbox and Google Drive file sync capabilities on a computer can be used to have Google Drive “import” the files downloaded to a computer via the Dropbox app. It requires a computer to automate the transfer as it is running the file sync process will run painlessly and more importantly at no extra cost. This computer most likely should always be connected and running to ensure the sync’ing is always happening.