MS365 People query search issue

Hi all,

I am trying to set up a scenario syncing my google contacts to MS365 People. I need to do this to then automatically update our contacts list in 3CX phone system.

I set up a scenario to list my google contacts then search my google contacts for any records with the given name (so that I don’t create duplicates). The issue I am having is the search MS365 people module is outputting bundles that do not match the query search, all bundles/ queries output the same one result.

bundle output 1 from google contacts = Joe Bloggs
Bundle output 2 from google contacts = James Smith
Bundle output 3 from google contacts = Mary Blythe

query search in ms365 people = Joe Bloggs
Output bundle = Joe Bloggs

Query search in ms365 people = James Smith
Output bundle = Joe Bloggs

Query search in ms365 people = Mary Blythe
Output bundle = Joe Bloggs

Is this a bug with the 365 module or have I done something wrong? I tried inputting a set variable module in between and also an iterator module but had the same results.

The unused module/ disabled route will be operational to watch new/ updated items once the bulk of contacts has been synced for the first time.

Thanks in advance!

Can you post the parameters you’re supplying to your Search Contacts module?

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Hi Dgurr,

I have tried using the iterator module as below, the iterator is picking up the ‘Family name’ from google contacts. At first I tried the setup without the iterator module and just using the ‘Family name’ value from google contacts to search MS365 People. Both gave the same results though.

From the Microsoft documentation on the relevant part of the Graph API, it looks like the Query string can match on any part of the record - not just the name. That’s just how Microsoft defined it - there’s no way to do a 1-1 person lookup.

In Make, it will return a series of bundles including all the matches - not just a single match. I’m guessing you’re just looking at the first bundle in the list.

You’ll either have to search on something unique (like an email address), or alternatively search the results from the “Search Contacts” module to find one with the same full name.

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Thanks Dgurr. It seems a bit odd that the search query for each bundle is different as to be expected but all returning the same result. I can’t imagine the search query in bundle 2 would have been found anywhere in the data for the first returned bundle but this does appear to be what is happening.

I did try searching using the email and phone number, but the query did not like special characters @ or +.

Just ran a couple of test queries in the ms365 module only.

Search ‘Dave’ = no results (as expected)
Search 'Dave ’ (with a space after Dave) = no results
Search ‘Dave A’ = returned bundle of ‘Ewan’


I tried searching using a phone number with a ‘0’ at the start and it returned an error ‘[400] Syntax error: character ‘0’ is not valid at position 0 in ‘0779’.’

Same result for ‘+44779’

I even tried adding the google contacts contact id to the ms365 contact notes to search using that, but the MS365 search module threw an error on this too, citing the 2nd character wasn’t valid (contact id is along the lines of ‘c93793739573’

We’re looking into this, but in the meantime I’ve had good results by putting the search term in double quotes.

This certainly allows it for email addresses - and you’d be much better searching on a unique item.

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dgurr, that works! Thankyou so much for the solution :slight_smile: