Multipart/form-data - Keys


I am trying to connect the adobe developer API via the HTTP Module.

I have managed to get passed the first few steps and obtain an upload token.

However, there seems to be no information on what to input into the “key” field as per my screenshot, is anyone able to shed some light?

“Key” here refers to the field name or parameter of the field of the binary data of the file, that the API is expecting.

It could be as simple as “file”, “attachment”, “upload”, etc.

Please consult the external API documentation for more information on what to insert as the “Key”


Thank you for your message.

I have consulted it and the information provided is quite vague as per the screenshot below:

Here is a link to the documentation

Thank you

Looks like you have to make two API calls just to upload a file. Adobe is going bonkers yet again :frowning:


Hi @BG_Propertyservice

I’ve got exactly the same issue today on Adobe, exactly at the same poin as yout.
Did you succeed into pushing binary data ? If yes, how please ?

Thank you very much for your feedback

Hi @Baudouin_MARBACH,

Apologies for the late response, i just gave up on it as i have limited knowledge when it comes to setting up API’s.

Please let me know if you managed to make any progress.

Thank you