Adobe PDF Extract API Failed to Upload File to URI

Hi, I’m sorry if my question is too simple for you guys, as I am newbie in automation and API in genaral.

My goal is to extract PDF from Gmail using Adobe PDF Extract API.

I am able to get email from Gmail and iterate the attachments, As for Adobe API, I managed to get authorization token, URI and asset ID using HTTP request module. Then comes the upload file step where I am stuck. Below is the documentation (

On getting a 200 response status from the above API, use the uploadUri field in the response body of the above API to upload the asset directly to the cloud provider using a PUT API call. You will also get an assetID field which will be used in creating the job.

curl --location -g --request PUT ‘{{URI}}’
–header ‘Content-Type: application/pdf’
–data-binary ‘@{{Placeholder for file path}}’

I use HTTP request module, and raw as the body. I tried binary, and still failed. How can I get the file path? I tried the attachment, attachment-file name, attachment-data, all failed. I tried those with ‘@’ and without, still failed.

Response I get it that it gone through (200), but file size is 0. Tried to proceed the next step, and as expected, it is unable to process it.

I need help. Any help is very appreciated.

I’m about to do exactly the same thing but I am struck at the create connection step which you have solved :slight_smile:

I assume you are using the HTTP module: Make an OAuth 2.0 request?

What do you put for the Authorize URI and Token URI fields? Do you also specify the scope?

With regards the file upload, some APIs I have used require the binary data to be converted first into base64. Not sure if this is the case with Adobe though - I need to get to that step to work on it!