PDF Attachment coming in as blank pages when using Zoho Mail API to send an email

Im trying to send a email containing an attachment that i am getting from monday.com.

I have tried with the Http get file and public url of file
I have tried using the monday download file

Both of these give an attachment but when mailed its just blank pages.

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Hi tklahr,

Maybe, it is a stupid question, are you able to read your pdf in monday.com?

In your first screenshot, Asset ID looks like an array “Assets:ID”, did you try something like “Assets[0]:ID” or “Assets[1]:ID” ?



Yes I am able to read it and when I copy the public url manually and go to it it downloads correctly.

Have you tried with an index?
You can use “Set a variable” module that is useful it you want to see the content of an object…


can you elaborate. where should i put it and what should i see?

It is just to see what’s in the individual variables Assets[i]:ID, if I well understand, you are currently sending an array to the Zoho mail module.

You simply add a “Set multiple variables” module (after the call to Monday module and create some variables, the value of each variable will be Assets[0]:ID, Assets[1]:ID etc.

Then could you add some screenshots of the content of each variables ?