Multiple Shopify Pictures to Buffer Module

What are you trying to achieve?

Hi everyone! I am new to and I just need some guidance on this.
I’m trying to use a Shopify Module to new products that get posted to my store, convert the title via OpenAI and post it as an instagram caption. This will then post to Buffer which will post to Instagram and Facebook for me.

Steps taken so far

I’ve successfully have been able to get the Shopify Watch Product module working and the OpenAI instagram caption prompt working.
With Buffer I have been able to get the thumbnail picture from shopify but I’m unsure on how to grab all of the pictures for my Shopify products.
I would like Buffer to post all of my images for a product, not just a thumbnail.

Any guidance would be amazing!

Thank you!

Screenshots: scenario setup, module configuration, errors

Hey everyone, just bumping this!