My Make organization/account got hacked/hijacked

Hello Celonis team

My Make organization/account got hacked/hijacked 3 days ago by my Make consultant.

I already opened multiple tickets a few days ago.
But you guys are not responding to my support tickets!

Meanwhile he already attacked/deleted things in my other SaaS applications through API calls that were made via Make. I can prove this as I have received detailed logs from the other SaaS.

Please help me to recover my organization on Make.

This is a serious case, I have already started legal actions.

Others who have purchased his Make consulting services, also have filed complaints against him in Germany.

I highly recommend you to remove his partner status as well and to remove him from your website/partner listing. He earned the partner status through us 3 to 4 business owners who are now ironically taking legal actions against him.

Currently, we are frustrated by our Make setups and some are even looking to switch away because of this havoc he is creating…

All in all he did more damage to Make’s reputation than he did good.

For further information you can always reach out to me.
I can also provide you with the contact information of the other 3 victims - so that you can verify it yourself.

Please reach out to me as soon as possible to recover my account.

Best regards

Hello @Patrick_Riedel ,

First of all, please let me say how incredibly sorry I am that you have to be going through this. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this situation must be for you.

Also, thank you very much for proactively bringing this issue to our attention through various channels. The urgency of this matter is crystal clear and we will do all we can in order to resolve this as quickly as possible.

I am looking into our system and I can see that you have been in touch with one of our most experienced agents since yesterday. Please continue in that conversation, you are in excellent hands. As soon as you and the other affected parties share the details and information with us, we will thoroughly investigate this matter and take all necessary steps to address it.

Thank you once again for raising this and for collaborating with us to find a resolution that benefits everyone involved. :pray:


Hi Patrick,

I think we are in the same space / Bubble and know each other from an event. Do not hesitate to contact me. I can may help to rescue your data, repair automations and so on. I will write you an FB Message too.