Mysql connections failing after upgrading (Make IP Range)

Since upgrading to make I am receiving this error when my mysql connections are trying to authenticate. Error:

{message: “The request failed due to failure of a previous request.”, code: “SC424”,…}
code: “SC424”
message: “The request failed due to failure of a previous request.”
suberrors: [{message: “connect ETIMEDOUT”, name: “Error”}]
0: {message: “connect ETIMEDOUT”, name: “Error”}
message: “connect ETIMEDOUT”
name: “Error”

I’ve tried creating a new connection but receive the same error. I see no incoming connection requests in my mysql logs.

Anyone else encounter this? I filed a support ticket but am still waiting to hear back. Sucks as this is affecting my production apps.

Looks like there are new IP ranges for the region US. Can we please get these updated in the documentation?

Has anyone been able to find the new IP ranges? I also tried looking into the logs but I am not even receiving the connection.

I already opened a ticket but i am not getting an answer and this is also affecting my production apps



Thank you. This works! Note it does not say anything on the mysql page (just the old IP ranges) so it might be worth it for Make to make (no pun intended) edits to this page MySQL and maybe call out the change in the upgrade docs

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Heya guys!

Awesome to see that you managed to find the info you needed. Investigation done right, if you ask me :nerd_face:

Passing on the information about the MySQL doc, thanks for bringing our attention to this :blush:

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