Connect EHOSTUNREACH error while connect to mysql server module

when create new mysql connection it returns connect EHOSTUNREACH error although i added in iptables but didn’t restart server itself but i restarted the iptables. should i add make IP in the mysql.user ?

can someone send me complete procedure to configure this module i would appreciate

Hey @aazzim ,

Make sure you allow the IP ranges from Make depending on the server location you are using. See this: Allowing connections to and from Make IP addresses

Yes i mentioned in my question that i added the IPs in the IP tables , it seems that there are some other inputs I have to add our MySQL database itself, it was written in integromat before but i cannot find this article now

Now all our scenarios are stopped after migration to make, i am afraid it was not good choice to migrate our scenarios

Well, to be fair, we do not know how your MySql instance looks like or how you’ve got this setup.
With MySql you can really have all kinds of configurations; some allow everyone to connect to it, and some configurations allows only localhost…

I recommend you take a look at your configurations and do some searching on the great Google :slight_smile: Something like this could be interesting for you for example:

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