MySQL inserts (if not exists) Update & more functions

I see mysql is not a very popular topic here, and i couldnt find many guides involving details like other topics.
Specifically, things like insert ignore, if not exists, if exists update etc
I am creating a long multi step scenario so far and my first set of questions would be
Is there a step am missing to make mysql queries after each other and use such conditions ?
So far I have had to make a router with 1 sec delay
each using CUSTOM QUERY
1": Why when i put the full queries after each other in same Custom box they do errors
2: Any simpler option for if exists - update stuff ? or custom query is a must ? ( defeating the purpose of no code for me, lack of mysql expertise )

3: An iterator at end , contains ODDS for sports , ODDS name also contains another loop for odds options
So i made another router, another iterator , having issues with final ODDS loop, should i have not done a second iterator inside that last row)
Any detailed guides about APIs and loops within loops ?