Need help creating a scenario to set recurring email or text

Hi, I’m new to no-code but building an app, one of its functions is to allow a user to set a reminder for a worker based on a task with a future deadline date. I need help with using make to send a reminder through email and text to the worker based on a set day of the week, time and sending method of choice.

I have been able to connect Adalo to get the data and I’m finding it difficult to understand how to connect to the rest using make, please help.

hi @Charles_Akanno ,
if you want to send emails from Make (and not Adalo itself) you can use SendGrid: Send an Email. Have you tried it yet?

Hi @zezutom

Thanks for the reply. I do know how to send email with make using webhooks to get the data.

I want different users to be able to send recurring email or text as a reminder. For example, user A to user B based on user A sets remainder text to send every Monday, 12pm. Please what tools can I use in make to achieve this.

How about using Google Calendar? It lets you create reminders (email, pop-up) and define recurrence.

What I mean is, for your user A you let him connect his calendar. Using the connection, in your scenario you can create a reminder and then watch for events in the calendar. Every time the reminder pops up, you send an email.

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I will try that idea… Thanks