Use dates to notify or execute some action

Hi! I’m new in, in the community… Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I’m working on a Scenario with Notion and email notifications… I have a database with a DateTime field to show the expiration of a service. I wanna receive and email 15 days before from this date. Maybe more than email: at 7, 15 … days.

How is the best method?

I can use “condition” with the date variable, but then… time operators? How can I add X days? Sorry but I’m lost :frowning:

I’m trying to find information about time or datetime operators and is difficult find some examples.

Thanks in advance!

Simplest Solution, is something like this. it would run once a day, check which rows in DB match the condition (or multiple conditions).then trigger an email.

If you wanted to trigger an email for everything at 7 days, everything at 14 days everything at 30 days, you can do that with either multiple scenarios, or with one that grabs all rows in DB at your longest period, then add the extra filter after the router.

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Checking a timestamp in the db at regular intervals is your best bet, as per @JugaadiTech suggestion.

It’s a pitty you can’t schedule Send an Email itself. Unfortunately scheduled emails remain unsupported by Gmail API - Google Issue Tracker.

Scheduling in Make is on the scenario level, so you’d have to use multiple scenarios - one for each schedule. See the docs on Sleep: Tools

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@Refineria_Web , another option that comes to my mind is to leave scheduling to an external service. This would also reduce cost of using Make (watch operation). For example, SendGrid provides email scheduling. As you can see in the attached screenshot you can use date / time functions, expressions and variables to dynamically determine when the email should be sent.

There is a limitation though - Make only lets you schedule at most three days in advance. I am not sure if this is a hard limit in SendGrid or just a limitation with Make. Nevertheless, I would explore this and similar alternatives - e.g. email service providers with built-in support for scheduling.

The issue with scheduling emails via the email service is that it gets complicated to stop the email from sending if the business case requires it. For example if the user renew the subscription between reminder 1 and 2.

The easiest in your case is to return all subscriptions due in the next 30 days and just have dedicated filters for each branch. For example branch 1, filter is “renewal date” is now + 30 days, etc … (As suggested by @JugaadiTech)

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That’s a valid point :+1:

Thanks a lot for your support! Now is more clear and I’m going to check and do some test with both options :slight_smile: