Scheduling trigger by csv

Hello! I’m new to make and wondering if I can schedule trigger. Sorry for my poor English but what I want to do is

I have a csv file with dates and text and I want to send email on the date on the csv with the text on the csv as well.

Thank you!

Hello, @Zentaro_IMAI1; from what I understand, I can advise you the following:

First automation: You must read the CSV file that, can be from FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., and each record is stored in the Make Data Store, it is an internal database.
You will do this procedure as many times as you have new files or updates to the file.

Second automation: Every day, for example, at 9 AM, you will search the Data Store to see if there are records with the current date; if there are, for each record you get the text field and send the email.

Let me know if this explanation is enough.


Thank you so much!
I did exactly what you taught me and it works perfectly!

@Francisco_Fontes I am trying to do the same thing from a google sheet. I do not know the function or variable to use that “current date” or “today”? I tried using “timestamp” and “now” but that didn’t work. - Any help is greatly appreciated!