Need help directly mapping multiple choices to a ClickUp label field

Been looking all over for a basic step-by-step on how to do this and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere. I’ve run into this problem multiple times, but seems like anything close to an answer is related to a dropdown fields with only one value, not labels which can have multiple values at the same time.

A lot of existing tutorials also seem to require a lot of code for this “no-code” program to do this simple task, and often the code is not explained at all! Just pasted directly without any explanation as to what it’s constituent parts are or what I’d have to change for my specific situations and values.

I’m hoping some guru on here can help me in tackling this problem, or point me in the direction of existing tutorials.

I’m trying to map a multiple choice form question (From JotForm, Webflow forms, etc) to a “label custom field” in the “create a task” module of ClickUp.

Example scenario:

  • A JotForm watch trigger results in an array of 3 chosen options, from a question with 6 multiple choice options. The answers in this example are “Alpha” “Beta” and “Gamma”.
  • A clickup task is made and a label custom field with the same 6 options as the multiple choice question needs to somehow be told that it should add all three labels “Alpha” “Beta” and “Gamma” to the created task.

I cant just map the values directly like “alpha” “beta” and “gamma” as these are not the real ID’s of the labels, so I have to search manually for the ID’s using the “get custom fields” module.
Then, I have to replace “alpha” from the jotform submission with whatever the ID of the label “alpha” is. I’ve done this in the past with a text parser. Then I also need to replace “beta” and “gamma” as well as the other 3 options that in this case weren’t picked, but can obviously be picked if a new form is filled in later. Then I need to add in contingencies for if only some, or maybe even none of the multiple choice options are picked, and suddenly I’m creating a crazy amount of “if, or, else, then” and whatever other statements and god knows what other random, probably useless code that I barely understand just to get the program to understand that two things LITERALLY NAMED THE SAME are the same thing.

I feel like I’m going crazy and missing a very simple way to just say “This is an array with up to 6 options, which if present equate to this ID in the label field”

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Hi Benjamin,

depending on how you prefer to manage it - you can use either a switch() formula or the Switch module under tools to change the values from the incoming labels to the expected IDs in ClickUp. Then a Label custom field in ClickUp will accept an array of IDs for the different labels.

Here is an example flow you can use: Iterator on the incoming array of values → Switch module to change the values to IDs → Aggregator to rebuild the array and send it to the ClickUp module.

Alternatively, if you have a Get a Task ClickUp module earlier, you can use a get(map()) formula with the Custom Fields [original] array to change the label values to their IDs as well.


Did you figure this out? I am also struggling with a seemingly simple thing. My source data is coming in comma separated (ex conservation,outreach,ifeeldumb) and I need to get those into a custom label field in ClickUp that can hold multiple inputs. It could be none, one, two or all of them. I’m still pretty new to Make and still don’t know where to put the modules but I guess I need to parse it somewhere then associate those values with the ClickUp id. I am so lost.