Need help with choosing module

I currently have a number of scenarios that all do basically the same thing but are aimed at different sites as the final destination for the results of the scenario.

  1. I read a row from a Google Sheet
  2. I pass the info on that row to ChatGPT which begins creating a document
  3. I pass the response of that prompt to ChatGPT again which word counts it and adds content if the word count is too low
  4. The content is parsed into HTML
  5. the parsed content is placed on some site.

Since I have multiple rows in the sheet, I’d like to have the scenario loop through the rows within a given range and one by one, send the content to the site. As it stands now, I am running the scenario, going back to the initial Google Sheets module and changing the row and running it again.

I thought of making an array of the cell ranges to loop through but I have to imagine I’m over engineering this thing. Is there a way to create a simple loop for this project?

Hey Sean,

If you search rows instead of getting a single row, the loop will occur.


Thanks, I’ll look at that. So Search Rows will grab one row at a time and feed it to the next module?

Yeah, it will output X amount of rows depending on your search filters, then the loop will happen X times