Need Help with Image Embedding in Google Slides via Make from Airtable URLs

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on an automation project where I’m facing a challenge with embedding images into a Google Slides presentation. I am using Make to lift the images from airtable and replace the placeholders in Google Slides template. I am able to pull in all the text information but have hit a roadblock with the image embedding part.
Here is the issue:

  • I have a Google Slides presentation with placeholders for images.
  • My Integromat scenario successfully retrieves image URLs from an Airtable base.
  • The URLs are accessible and lead to a download option for a .png image when opened in a browser.
  • However, these images are not being uploaded or embedded into the Google Slides presentation.

Sharing a screenshot of my Make scenario.

Here is the template

And here is the settings of Upload Image module

The url that I obtain from the previous module looks like this

It seems the URLs might not be in a format that Google Slides can embed directly, possibly because they initiate a download rather than displaying the image directly in the browser. Any advice on how to approach this? Alternatively if anyone has tips on URL manipulation within Make/Airtable , please do share your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

You can try uploading to Google Drive using “Upload a file”, then use Google Drive “Get a share link”.


I tried this but the tags are not replaced in the slide.

This is the output bundle of the ‘Get a Share Link’ module.

I tried a workaround. I replaced all tags with placeholder images and then used a ‘Get a Presentation’ module to retrieve the object details. I finally used ‘Upload an Image by replacing an image’ in the Upload Image in Presentation module. And it worked. Looks like the tags aren’t been recognised. It would be great if the Make team takes a look at why tags aren’t getting replaced though!

Can you explain this better ?