Need help with Slack and HTTP BundleValidation Error!

My Goal is to be able to send links via Slack and have them be sent to open ai and summarized back to me. The problem is that I keep running into error with the HTTP part. Slack is adding < > at the ends of every link and so the HTTP module won’t work properly. I am new to Make and looking for some help. Also if using Telegram or SMS somehow would be easier for this task I’m all for it. I have attached images of my workflow etc.

Hello @D_W,

You could use a replace() function on the Text coming from Slack.
Use it twice, each removing one of the greater than or lesser than symbols.

Or you could substring the text like this:

Substring takes a portion of the text, starting at 1 which is before the second character and ending before the last character (length of the string minus 1).

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Does the substring text go in the HTTP? I am a little confused haha. still very new to Make.

I think you want to extract the URL from the Slack message Text then use that URL in the HTTP Get a File module? If so, then you’ll want to pop that function into the URL field in the HTTP module. Replace 5. Slack Text with the Text object from the first Slack module.

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All right, I have tried that but unfortunately I’m getting the same error. I was doing some research online and found a video that shows how to do something very similar. However, they use a parsing module to match pattern using this <(https?://[^>]*)> but I can’t seem to get that to work either. :man_shrugging:

The video im referring to.

Show yes the http module configuration you have please.

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The error is that the url parameter is missing. Can you show what the output bundle is from module 20 slack during the execution? In particular what the 20.text field is.

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yeah its just there link I am sending via slack.

Try removing the http module and adding it in again without the expression and just leave the 20.text. Run it and let’s see the input bundle into http. I want to see the text coming into http.

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This substring method only works if the Text ONLY contains the URL surround by < and >.
If the URL is going to be part of a larger message, you need to use a RegEx module like you brought up before.

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So it seems that I have somehow been able to get the sub string method to work however, it seems very finicky like it doesn’t work all of the time. And I am sure the only text I am sending through is the link surrounded by < >

Welcome to the Make community!

Instead of two substring functions,

You can use the built-in function replace with the pattern /(^<|>$)/g directly in the URL field.


{{ replace(text; "/(^<|>$)/g"; emptystring) }}

For more information, see