Slack Error: no_text (200)

Hi ;
Having trouble with Slack
My scenario is generating text from chatgpt and reply to a specific IG post comment.
I want to receive the texte generatred by chatgpt on slack before to post it. how can I do that please ?


As from the error message and the screenshot you shared, the text field is empty thus the error that you are getting.

Can you share a screenshot on how you are passing the text value be it from IG response or ChatGPT response?


Any update on this, I am having the same issue.

Hi @MaxW ,

In this screenshot:

the field text is empty, it is maybe the origin of your problem?



Hi there, I figured it out slightly but still working through it.

For the Blocks field I’ve used the Block Kit Builder to create a structure for the Slack message display. One question is how do I loop through each Google Alert item?

Also what goes in the Text field?

Hi @MaxW ,

I am not a Slack user, but could you try to put some text in the Text field?
It doesn’t seem to be mandatory, but the error message suggests that it might be useful…

Hope it will help.



I think I managed to get it working somewhat, I copied the same blockbuilder code into that field which seems to work, but not sure if that is the right approach?

One thing I am stuck on is having multiple RSS feeds sending to Slack. We currently have 4 Google Alert RSS feeds that I am trying to add.

But not sure if this is possible? as the scenario needs to start with a trigger.

Hi @MaxW ,

As it is a new problem, please change the status of the first one to solve (as the error message is not displayed anymore), and open a new one.
It helps a lot when you want to search in the forum.



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