Slack - missing required field: channel


I want to send a message in a slack channel when a new Mangopay payin has been registered.

The mangopay payin is well received in make (all checks are green) but, as for slack, I have an error message : Error: invalid_arguments (200).[ERROR] missing required field: channel. Here is my configuration for slack :

  • connection type : slack (user)
  • Enter a channel ID or name : select from the list
  • channel type : private
  • private channel : name of the channel

I tried to change private by IM channel but the problem is still the same.

Do you have an idea where the problem might come from ?

Thank you for your help ! :pray:


I still have the issue : does anybody know why slack notification is not working ?

Thank you !

Hi, it would be great if you share a screenshot of that error with the whole input and also the scenario blueprint.