Need to create an App using existing Google Sheet

Hi All,

I am new to this world and have one question where I like to ask if make can help create me an App which I can use to store user credentials and data to Google sheet.

Also, if create cannot help then if I use Adalo then would it be possible to interact with Google sheet using Adalo inerface.


Yes, Make allows to creation of custom app. See the Google sheet custom app created by us:

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hi @Alok.Beheria ,
do you mean an app with a user interface, or just an automation that connects to a data source and appends data to a spreadsheet? Make is more suited for the latter. Obviously you can always create a webhook, see Webhooks. Otherwise, Make has a great support for Google sheets. If you want to upload data in bulk, you can use the app mentioned by @Mohamed_Jouher.

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Yes, I need an App with user interface and what I was initially thinking to create an App with Adalo and integrate “Create” into it to fetch and update data into Google sheet.


Interface can be built similar to other apps in Make.

That will certainly help. I would really appreciate if you could help me find resource wherein, I can quickly learn and start building it. In addition of this, I also like to compare between “Adalo” and “Create” in terms of adaptability, features, complexity and pricing.

I already build an App using Appsheet ,but since it charges $10 per user login, I had to move myself to another cost-effective platform.

I already have a database build in Google Sheet and now I want some interface to
integrate various columns into the App components.

Thanks for your help.


hi @Alok.Beheria , this tutorial is a good starting point: About the apps builder - Make Apps