Newbie needs help linking excel data to "TO:" email field in scenario

Hello all
I am new to Make. I have created a scenario from Survey 123 to Email and all the information has carried over, however I don’t know how to link an excel file in the email field.
We have one main log in for Survey 123, which is used to record wildlife rescue incidents. The users log in under our generic log in, then select themselves and any colleagues from a drop down menu. I need that users email address to populate in the TO: email field so they receive a copy of their survey.
I also need to add the same link to another field within the content of the email. AKA: Person submitting survey, 2nd person there, 3rd person there etc.
I don’t know how to do it and really would love some help.
Hope this makes sense
Thanks :slight_smile:


hey @Cmack could you post a couple screenshots of the scenario you have so far?

It seems pretty doable, but 1 query I have; where does the excel file come into play?
It seems that the TO field should just be mapped from one of the answers from Survey123 (assuming they have mappable columns).

I can provide some more info if you upload some screenshots of the scenario and sample response / output from the survey 123 module.



Hello there, thanks for replying!

It probably is do-able. I took over this from a previous member who dumped and ran and left me with no idea what I was doing.
They were using PowerAutomate to run this same scenario and as such, had a dynamic link to an excel in the TO field but I cant get the webhook to work, so moved over to Make.
All of the fields in the excel sheet return a response in the email content - I see what you are saying, if i create the right path in the TO field it should generate the data, but I am also pretty clueless at that. I basically copied the Powerautomate set up over to Make and in the TO field they used a different excel sheet than the one that draws the survey data (hope that makes sense) so I assumed that was the case in this instance also.
First screenshot I will attach is of the scenario where the TO field is.

At this point, just so we can receive ANY response, I have put the User Info: Email field in there, but this is the generic admin log in email, so all submissions are now going to this email only.
The excel sheet these fields generate from all have emails listed at the top of the CHOICES tab (as shown below), but I don’t know how to create a correlation between a member selecting their name in the drop down and it then putting their email in to the TO field.
Here is a view of the survey that is submitted with my name as a drop down. There is about 80 other users listed below me that can submit a form.

This is where the data comes from
This on the SURVEY tab

Here are the choices that appear in drop downs

User emails are up on the top of that list, here is an example of what it looks like (obviously cant show everyones detials :slight_smile: )

This is on TYPES tab

I also need to replicate this same function with this part of the email content -

In the Powerautomate, this too had an excel link to the same file they used in the TO column and it automatically added the names of the RESCUERS who are selected in the survey as participants (we can add multiple people to one survey) so this record then shows in the email exactly who went. so for now it is blank :frowning:

Ok, look at the ‘response ’ option in the field mappings. Click that drop-down and you should see information about the responders and the person who submitted the form.

If you get stuck try sending another screenshot with the response expanded.

The data in the excel is kind of irrelevant for make. You should just be looking at the output from survey 123. And the dropdown in that ‘response’ variable should have the data you are looking for

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This is what the expanded option is. No users there.
Hope I am not wasting your time with all this back and forth. Truly appreciate your help

I did try this with no luck…

I re ran a test survey with 2 users and then the email came back with this result

@Cmack ok cool, looks like you are on the right track. Try expanding the ‘Resuceurs/Ambulance Driver Details’ the [Collection] [Collection] came back because there is still more data in that mapped variable. if you map one of the sub data points you should get back some real data in the response.

Basically it will just be an exercise of toggling through each of those mapped variables with the sideways arrows to see if you have sample data that you are looking for.

FYI I offer a couple of free sessions a week to help with scenarios if you’d like to book some time: Calendly - Tim Little

Also I could recommend some folks who are very good at this kind of thing @andyoneil at is great for premium scenario support to walk you through data mapping and additional scenario questions.



@timlittletech sorry for my late reply, I will give your advice a crack tomorrow when I get some free time and see how it goes.

Honestly, thank you so much for your time and help. Might be worth doing some free training if possible, which I also cant thank you enough for offering.

Soon as I give the above a crack, will let you know! :slight_smile:

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