News Automation (RSS -> Scraptio -> OpenAI --> Google Sheet): almost there, please help!

Hi all,

I am working on a news automation, and I am looking for some help.
I have used but scraptio requires an API key which I don’t have as I am on the free plan, and the paid plans is super expensive. Do you know any alternative?

Also, I would appreciate someone who is willing to spare 10-15 minutes to guide me on the set-up of this automation, I feel it would benefit some extra eyes as I am not 100% sure about the parameters I set.

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the Make community!

For web scraping alternatives, some apps you can use are ScrapeNinja to get content from the page.

I’ve used ScrapeNinja, and you can use jQuery-like selectors there in the extractor function.

ScrapeNinja also can run the page in a web-browser so it closely emulates what users see, as opposed to just the raw page HTML fetched from the HTTP module.

If you want an example, take a look at Grab data from page and url - #5 by samliew

Alternatively, you can try searching for specific APIs on RapidAPI. It’s quite easy to do the initial set-up.

How to call an API on RapidAPI

Use the HTTP “Make an API Key Auth Request” module.

Create a new keychain connection and insert your RapidAPI API Key.

API Key parameter name: X-RapidAPI-Key

You can reuse this RapidAPI keychain for all API calls to RapidAPI, you’ll just need to change the X-RapidAPI-Host value based on the API you are calling.

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