Next-Gen Lead Management with VAPI Voice AI Assistant Outbound calls and

We’ve developed an amazing new system to better manage our leads and make our processes more efficient using the VAPI Voice AI Assistant. Here’s how it works:

:spiral_calendar: Automated Lead Management with

We use to keep track of our leads. This saves us time and ensures no lead is missed.

:telephone_receiver: Efficient Communication with VAPI Voice AI Outbound Calls

Once leads are in, VAPI Voice AI, our smart voice assistant, takes over the outbound calls. The AI bot handles the calls quickly and efficiently, conversing with leads just like a human would.

:memo: Gathering Insights with Custom Questions

During the call, the AI bot asks custom questions we’ve designed to gather important information. The bot ensures these questions are asked in a friendly manner, making leads feel comfortable and engaged.

:page_facing_up: Collecting Call Information

After the call, our system gathers all the information, including answers and a full transcript. This helps us understand the lead’s needs and keeps a record of the conversation.

:robot: Analyzing with ChatGPT

We then send the call transcript to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which analyzes the conversation to determine the overall sentiment. This helps us understand how the lead felt during the call.

:speech_balloon: Sentiment Analysis for Lead Insights

Based on ChatGPT’s analysis, we determine if the call was positive or negative. Positive calls indicate the lead had a good experience and are marked as “interested,” while negative calls show areas of concern and are marked as “not interested” in the status column. This helps us gauge the lead’s interest and satisfaction.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Updating Lead Information

Finally, we update the lead in with all the gathered details, including the call transcript and sentiment analysis. This ensures we have a complete and up-to-date record, helping us plan our next steps. The transcript of the call will be updated in the update section of leads.

By using this innovative system, we manage our leads more effectively, understand their needs better, and improve our processes. This boosts our efficiency and helps us build stronger relationships with our leads. :star2:

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