I’m trying to build a custom module with the nextens web api. However I’m new in this space and I have never worked with this before. Is there someone who can help me with this? I have shared the api documentation as a reference.
Nextens web API v2.0 (1.19).pdf (2.2 MB)

Thank you in advance!

@Danilo_Kocovic :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning, so I’m not able to provide you with a solution. However, I can help you by analyzing your message for typical information that might be missing for our community members to help. Could you please provide more details about your problem, such as what you have tried so far and what the results were? Thank you!

Please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community can help.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

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You can follow this guidance video on custom app development.

Watch here: [Webinar] Discover Integromat Custom Apps - YouTube

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Hi Danilo,

Welcome to the Make community.

Depending on your needs you will need to dive in to authentication methods and how to manage those in your app. And after you have managed that, you will need to think about RPC and maybe even some IML functions.

I’m not sure what your end goal is, but if you are just in need to help a single customer with Nextens you might not need to build an app for that.

You can check the Make Partner directory if you want help from one of the Make Partners (we are on there also if you are looking for a fellow Dutchie). Most of the partner can help you build the app or check to see what the alternatives are for your use case.

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