No general Vimeo API module?

:x: This all started when I couldn’t get Vimeo’s Move to Album module to work.

The module asks for an Album ID but when run gives an error back about “The requested album couldn’t be found.:point_down:

Vimeo’s album id: :point_down:


I went to look for a generic Vimeo API call. There are dozens and dozens of functions so I wouldn’t expect Make to code them all.

But there wasn’t a generic API call to use. :man_shrugging:

Did I mix up the Album ID in the module? And is there plans to include a generic Vimeo API call?


Hey Tom,

So two quick questions:

  • Are you using the same account on the Vimeo module as the one you’re looking to use the album of?
  • If you don’t use the map function on the Vimeo module, do you see the album there? Or other ones in that account for that matter.

Another option might be to use the HTTP module to build custom API calls. It does look like it’s not built in to the Vimeo module yet. So reverting to HTTP modules to go more custom is the only option right now.

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Thanks @NolaDigital . I tried not using the map function and no folders/albums show up in the drop down list. I did check the connection to see that it’s using the same login and it is.

Vimeo’s Album field is of Type: Select (not number). If not using the map function is there a way to format the field for a Select input type?

Thanks for the suggestion to use HTTP modules. I’ll use that for the other Vimeo APIs. :+1: