Non-restricted Make app for Android keeps crashing

I downloaded the non-restricted version of the make app but every time I enter the code and zone url, it crashes after I click “continue”. I originally downloaded the restricted version on google play and I was able to log in just fine but on the unrestricted version, I can’t get past the log in screen because it crashes every time.

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?

Hi @Outback34 ,

I just tried using the non-restricted version and it has worked for me. Did you follow the steps mentioned in the help documentation?


Yes, I read and followed the instructions in the documentation multiple times 5 months ago. I was using a Samsung Galaxy A20. I had to opt for using the device code to sign in since the A20 does not have QR scanning built in. I copied/pasted the code- never typed in manually to avoid errors. I haven’t touched the app since.

Fast forward to today, I have a Samsung Galaxy S23 and even though it has QR scanning built in, I wanted to follow the same steps I did 5 months ago to see if the problem persisted. I copied the device code and zone URL and it worked perfectly the first time.

So I guess the problem was the phone and not the app, which is not surprising since it was a 4 year old phone and already had other issues but I was actively using other apk apps and never experienced any issues with them. Thus, I made the post to see if someone could point me in the right direction to fix the issue.



Hello there @Outback34 :blob_wave:

I just want to say a quick thanks for stepping back into the thread to update us on your progress. It’s great to hear that the new device did the trick for you and that things are up and running now :pray:

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