Not able to run HTTP Request to a URL due to Front End CORS policy


I am trying to call a URL that resolves to JSON , when I put it in the browser it works and I see the JSON result, when I put it into a HTTP GET request I get an error , I reached out to the vendor and they told me it is due to a front end request done through MAKE and their CORS policy is blocking it, does anyone know of a way to get the JSON back? The vendor said I need to hire a developer to write a script for me - hoping the hive here can show me a way to do it in MAKE - thanks!

Make doesn’t trigger API from the frontend, so It is due to CORS enabled in the platform that you are using which prevents any access to fetch the URL if the request has been originated from another host besides itself.

Can you share the URL that you are trying to access?

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Hi Runcorn - this is the URL

I was able to run this without any issues, and I am getting the result back from the API.

Can you try this blueprint and see if it works for you? Just change the API Key.

blueprint (38).json (8.6 KB)

that worked, I had tried doing the same thing but had the API key in the URL - thanks so much that!