Notification by email if someone write message to my Facebook page


Would like to know if there is any option to create MAKE Scenario, which will send the notification by mail in case someone will write message to my Facebook Page.

I have multiple pages, so I will have to create 10-20 Scenarios.


Yes, that looks possible. You’ll need a minimum of two modules:

Give it a go and let us know if you have any issues!


@samliew I think that will not work.
In Facebook Pages module I don’t see “Messages” :frowning:

Apologies, you should use the “Watch Messages” module of the Facebook Messenger app.


For information on how to set up a bot for your Facebook page, see


@samliew correct me if I am wrong, but with Watch Messages and Facebook Messenger you will be notified only if (personaly) will obtain message from selected sender (facebook page).

and I am looking for solution that will notify via mail if some person will write message to the page which I own / administrate.
Today I use other 3rd party service to track this and be notified by mail, but I’m wondering if I can stop spending money on two services and have all here in

Hi @Michal_Jaraczewski I see you already posted something similar in April. I guess you did not find any solution.

If there’s still no way to filter based on the sender (not you), you could set up another scenario where you would add your post id to a database (or a G Sheet) every time you post something on your Facebook pages.
Then in this scenario here (watching new posts), you could add a filter to select only messages with ids not on that database.
Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Here question was completly different.
In April I was looking for solution to monitor if somebody will create new post on my Facebook Page.
Now I’m looking for solution to be notified by email if somebody will write a message to my Page.