Notification on someones post on my Facebook page


Would like to know if there is any option to create MAKE Scenario, which will send the notification by mail in case someone (other page or person) will publish post on my Facebook Page.
I don’t want to be notified when scheduled or posts done by myself are published. I’m searching for solution which will work if there will be foreign post published on my page.


Hello @Michal_Jaraczewski nice to meet you.

You can use the Watch Posts module, and after it put a filter where you say if the name from who made the post is not equal with your name or a specific name that you use, then move on and get notified.

As an example:

Also for filtering you can use another field or word or whatever you want, but it has to be a specific one with something that only appears in posts made by you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


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Trying to do this, I setup Facebook Pages - Watch Post module indicating which Facebook Page I would like to monitor, but there is no option FROM on the filter

Hello again @Michal_Jaraczewski.

Then, each time when you post, you can try to add something specific to the message and filter after that part. Is it fine for you?
The whole idea is to find have something very specific to can filter the posts.


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