Notion API bad gateway

The Notion API returns a ‘bad gateway’ error when interfacing with if data is retrieved too rapidly.

Does anyone know how to manage the rate limit?


TL;DR: Add a sleep module with an appropriate delay duration, e.g.: 3 seconds.


Thank you for the link.
I experience the bad gateway since some days. Maybe Notion changed something in their infrastructure or CDN configuration.
The “502 Bad Gateway” (from cloudflare CDN) is not the expected rate limit error “429 Too Many Requests”.

The Notion documentation does not specify an average rate which is accepted. That makes it harder to adjust the own scenarios.
And adding hundreds of delay modules to all my Notion related scenarios can only be a temporary solution. Otherwise the number of operations could explode :wink:


I have also tried that with 5 seconds but I still get the error. Not as much but still…

The 502 error indicates that the server beyond the proxy has send an invalid response. If this occurs because of a rate limit, the API is not HTTP conform. And I hope not that Notion makes such big bugs in their API.

By definition:
5xx errors are internal server errors that could not be fixed by the client.
4xx errors are client errors that must be fixed by the client (by changing it’s behavior)

502 → 502 Bad Gateway - HTTP | MDN
429 → 429 Too Many Requests - HTTP | MDN

I think we need to open an issue ticket at Notion to get more insights.


Same here. It all startet about a week ago and it’s more and more intense. Same scenario, same data, once it runs without any errors and and few minutes later there is 502 Bad gateway.

Same thing here! It’s been a couple weeks since it started, along with a lot of other errors, what seams like was solved just updating the modules with errors.
But this “Bad Gateway” error is persisting.

I have been trying a work around as the error is constant in a large database I have, though only sporadic in smaller ones for the last few days.

I’ve created a secondary empty copy of my database and directed my automations there for the moment as it runs 90% of the time vs 0%

Same here.

It started a few days ago with a formula that was no longer recognized by Make, involving the field « Person » in Notion.

And now all my scenarios send me error messages with « 502 Bad Gateway » every day.

Notion has made great updates with their Formula and own automations recently, but it seems something is not working as before regarding their API.

I have just asked Notion support to see if they are aware of the issue and if they have an idea about the future solutions.

Since 95% of my scenarios include a Notion module, I would be happy that things are solved and stable. :slight_smile:

For quicker assistance with bugs and technical problems, you may want to contact support directly. They respond very quickly and update you frequently on the status of their investigation.

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Hi everybody @here

I just wanted to step in and confirm that the issue was, indeed, on Notion’s end.

We experienced ‘500’ errors in our API calls, which typically signify internal server issues originating from the service provider’s side.

Notion’s status page mentions the downtime and also states that all should be up and running again now. :crossed_fingers:


I am still having issue.
I am the only one ?

You are not the only one. I’ve been receiving near constant ‘502 Bad Gateway’ messages for over a week and continue to do so. I’ve contacted Notion support but had no reply as yet. If I hear anything useful I’ll post it here.


I’m also having this issue. Very frustrating. Hopefully Notion gets this resolved.

Are you expecting that this issue is now resolved? I’m still receiving these errors quite frequently.

Unfortunately, I still get a lot of 502er errors in my Notion scenarios. More than the days before.

I have raised an issue ticket at Notion and they need more information about the technical API request (e.g. a cURL request or something similar) that is made from Make to the Notion API. But I cannot provide this information. As a user I only see the error message.

I’m still receiving loads of 502 - Bad Gateway errors on multiple Notion scenarios from multiple accounts.

Notion Support told me, that they are working now on this issue.

Hey @budo :wave:

Thank you very much for providing more information on the struggle. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon :pray:.

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