Notion search object filter status

does the filter of “search object” not support notion’s status, i can’t find the status option from the filter
now i use the notion api to search it, it can work

Hi @Gene_Chen

It is not feasible to perform a search using with existing object for a particular item within the filter. Filters only allow verification of the presence of individual data.

The Notion platform already includes a search object module for object retrieval, making its utilization achievable.

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i know the search object module, but it’s filter doesn’t include the status property

Hi @Gene_Chen, it looks like this thread has the answer to your question (i.e., use “Make an API call”): Notion Search by Status

Currently, the “Status” property type is not supported on the “Search Objects” module in Make


thx, i have been used the notion api to handle it before, i just want to confirm the status is supported or not. do you have a plan to support it? because the api is not intuitive enough

I don’t know, because this is up to the people who manage the Notion app on Make, and I don’t have any information about this

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Hello @Gene_Chen :wave:

I just wanted to step in to say that for suggestions and feedback related to Make and apps on Make, you can use our :arrow_right: Idea Exchange :arrow_left:

By doing so, other users will have the chance to upvote your idea and you’ll be able to follow the progress.

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ok, thank you very much

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i get it, let me see see

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