Notion to Webflow: Some table data types isn't sent

Hi all,

I’m using Notion as a makeshift CMS for Webflow. For the most part it works really well, but some properties in the database aren’t sent over – Multi-select, Relations.

Are these properties know to not sync? When selecting variables from the menu it also doesn’t seems to offer sending these properties as plaintext like some others do, which I would’ve guessed would be the fallback.

My last resort would be changing the property type in Notion to Text – but would rather avoid in possible.


EDIT: For context, I’m using a Notion database as a CMS for a designer portfolio.
So the information contained are things like video URLs, client names, project summaries, hero images etc.

Hi, for multi-select properties, you could use the following formula in the Webflow target field: map({{multi-select_array}};name). This outputs a comma-separated list of values from your multi-select property. Make sure to replace {{multi-select_array}} with your own multi-select property.

For the relation property, you first need to use the “Search Object” module to retrieve the database entry for the relation property value. Then, you can map any value from the item into a Webflow field (plaintext works).

Let me know if I can explain further or have any additional questions


Thanks Simo. Now my multi-select property renders as a comma separated list.

I’m unsure where to stick the Search Object module in my scenario now – screenshot below:

Probably obvious but I’m using a single scenario to sync updates to the Notion database and back, so Webflow updates Notion also. So an additional question: *How can I send the string back in a Notion-friendly format? The Notion documentation is here, but I’m not great with understanding the coding syntax.

I’ve also edited my original post with context on what I’m trying to do – a portfolio website.

You can insert the “Search Objects” module right after the trigger (i.e., “Watch database items”).

What string do you want to send back to Notion? Is it a value in a Notion property? Or would you like to append content to the Notion page?

And thanks for the additional context

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